Sushi Togo







I wanted to try this new place out, the name I’m not going to put out there, because of my personal reasons why. The presentation was well done considering it was a togo order. I really appreciate how they put the time to add a decorative touch to each dish like as if it’s art itself. My favorite was the steamed Shumai it was really easy to eat. I’m usually a fan of seaweed salad and thought they could work on that a little more on improvements. Everything else was on the mediocre side, but at least they tried. Since this joint is fairly new, maybe I’ll give it another shot sometime soon!

Web Interview with artist Cuong Tran

1. What inspired you to pursue art?

The passion and love of the craft. I love what I do and if I can get paid doing it, well that is a bonus!

2. At what age did you discover your talent?

Age 10

3. What is art?

I am an animator and graphic designer by trade, but as far as my artwork, I do digital paintings and traditional paintings of fantasy like characters. Right now it’s more portrait art and character designs, but I would like to branch out to landscapes and abstract art as well.

4. The path that you are choosing to pursue in life, is it difficult?

It is very difficult! The field I am is very competitive and if I don’t constantly sharpen my skills and keep up with technology, then I will be left behind fast!

5. Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

Hopefully married, with a nice paying job. Hopefully!

6. Where do you sell your art?

As of right now, I sell them at conventions, or if you really want a print of my artwork, you can check them out at

7. Have you helped others in your talent?

I hope so. I teach at itt-tech so that means I get to help many people with my talents. It’s very rewarding!

Thank you answering my questions I hope lots of success for you!

Thanks for including me in your site! 😊



Newly Located Fuji Steakhouse Florence,KY

Fuji Steakhouse use to be located next to Krogers on Mall Rd. They relocated close to Houston Rd, which is a excellent prime location, even a better space. Walking in the restaurant there was a luxurious feel as the chandelier hangs from the ceiling, the sushi bar consist of a beautiful row of refreshing classy orange chairs, and also there is a lot of zen decor throughout the restaurant. One downside is if you’re going to invest in such a classy design you should go all the way and invest in new dinner ware, glass cups instead of plastic coca-cola branded cups, and also the restroom is a big hit or miss for me . The restroom was mediocre, please people always invest in a beautiful restroom don’t use plastic cartoon trash cans it doesn’t clash well with your theme and always advise your employees to take turn on restroom sanitation, it should be checked upon every hour for the necessary needs. If you’re going to put money on making it beautiful go all the way. Overall rating for the look is 85%

Food wise it tasted the same like the old Fuji, prices are still cheap and I think they still have half priced Tuesday’s. I am a sushi fanatic so I prefer higher quality sushi, but this will do for me when I need a quick fix. For beginner sushi eaters I recommend this place. I find it difficult to find a good sushi place in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, but if you find a good place comment below. I do love their house salad, it’s just a plain salad that has a amazing ginger sauce, but theirs is slightly watered down. I haven’t been able to find the perfect house salad in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, but Louisville has some killer amazing house salad that makes you want to be unladylike to pick up the bowl and drink the sauce. I always also ordered a seaweed salad, theirs today was slightly to salty to much soy sauce. Fuji also has a hibachi grill for all you fried rice and meat lovers. I’m not a fan of hibachi, but people always go there for hibachi if you are hanging out with your friends and don’t know how to eat sushi, hibachi is another choice for you. I hope you visit them, and find out for yourself. Overall rating for taste is 75%

Service wise was mediocre they could of done better. Overall service rating 77%


Bonjour World!

For all you food lovers and artist out there I hope you come and visit this blog often now, because I am planning to revamp it and put all the spice in it for you to drools. Sorry I’ve been so busy with my modeling and pageantry so I haven’t had the time and love for this page.

Please message me via facebook Lianna Simpson Nguyen if you are a foodie,restaurant owner,artist,chef,food curator, and all related to these genres. I would love to interview you guys and feature you in my  blog.

Thank you darlings!

-Lianna Simpson Nguyen